Wake UP! Blog post #10

Cloning, DUMBS and more

8/3/20220 min read

Disclaimer- These blog posts are for entertainment purposes only. Readers are encouraged to do their own research and come to your own conclusions. It's time we get back to critical thinking. Be advised that many posts and links contain adult subject matter not suitable for children.

If you read my last post I showed a partial list of executions that were reported to have taken place already. Your next thought should be “that can’t be true as I still see them on tv and new movies. Let’s take a minute to think about how that could be happening. Please keep an open mind on this. The video’s I post contain a lot of information. Jot down words or names and look into these topics. If you have been reading my blog but not been bothering to watch the videos or do your own research then this will seem absurd. There is a lot of information on the internet but you must look for it.

Human cloning is illegal in most countries but Canada has a company called Clonaid doing just that. https://www.clonaid.com/

Below is another good website with a lot of information on cloning. This should take you some time to explore. It’s pretty creepy stuff. There is a video about halfway down the page with an interview with Nicholas Veniamin and Gene Decode. I have listened to a lot of Gene’s stuff. He was a military decoder and has tons of knowledge of what is going on.


It has also been reported that human cloning has been taking place in deep underground military bases (DUMBs) worldwide. There has been reports of many earthquakes occurring worldwide at approximately 10 km below ground and these also happen to be happening where these DUMBs are located. A few may be a coincidence but not the amount that has been reported. Most recently a lot of clean up has been done under Ukraine. (maybe there was more to the story of the invasion of Ukraine) While this information is hard to research for obvious reasons (think censorship) there are videos out there to learn about it. Click on the url link for 1 video and the obvious video link.


This is a map of the DUMBS that have run throughout the United States. There has been a massive cleanout and destroying these over the last couple of years so they could not be used for the terrible atrocities they have been used for.Write your text here...

It’s also been noted that the Playboy Mansion and the Getty Museum have large tunnels underneath them that have been used for the trafficking of children. Here are a few pictures that have been shared on Telegram about Hefner. It seems he was CIA and the mansion was used as a honeypot to trap people and then bribes were used. Look into Epstein Island and Ghislaine Maxwell as they did the same thing but that one is even more evil in what was done there.

So the more you research, the deeper this gets and the more connections you make. So much has been done behind the scenes by our military and militaries worldwide to clean this up. These brave men and women are incredible.