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Life is filled with ups and downs and none of us were given all the tools that we need. I can help you navigate your life path to build your best life. Coaching is action oriented and focused on the present and future to help you discover your answers move forward. I can help!

Not sure how you got to this page? Consider that the Spirit may have led you here.

Hello, I'm Cathy Roldan. All my life I have had a deep connection to Spirit. I have been professionally helping lead people to relationship with our Creator since 2005. My life journey has brought me through many tough challenges. Instead of buckling, I found my faith increased with each one. I can help you navigate through life's challenges also and become the best version of you! All of life's struggles start in the mind and I can help you clear out the old energy to allow for healing and new blessings to enter. I have over 25 years experience in personal development.

I am an ordained Christian minister with a BA in Theology. I hold certifications in Spiritual Life Coaching, biblical counseling, mental health coaching, Reiki, meditation, Purpose Quest Workshop Facilitator, Speaking Up (Domestic Violence) and Shamanistic Theology.

I offer weddings and marriage preparation counseling, house blessings, memorials, individual spiritual and/or life coaching, group coaching, and meditation classes. Fill out the contact form and we can discuss how we can work together.

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Here's what our clients say

I can see clearly that you are a gifted healer and that you are fulfilling your life’s mission. -Rev. Dr. B. Russell

When I fell back on the "I don't know" answers, she would keep holding me accountable for my own feelings and actions without telling me what I should or shouldn't do. She helped me set some workable goals to help me discover the path I might want to take. She stayed focused on the task at hand and was very good at rephrasing and clarifying what I said and what my tasks should be. - SW

I highly recommend Cathy's energy healing. We had a remote session and as soon as we began I could feel her energy as she worked on different parts of my body. It felt like there was electricity flowing through me. Throughout the process she relaxed and energized me leaving me with a sense of clarity and peace. -Daniela B.

Cathy made an impression on me with her thoughtfulness and level of professionalism with her attitude, questions and helpful remarks. - JV

She assisted me in discovering a few techniques that I can use in my everyday life to be organized at work. She was prepared, organized and seems like a natural at coaching. She made me feel relaxed and comfortable and instilled trust in me due to her confidence. An excellent coach and a wonderful contribution to many lives. -LR

Cathy gave me the opportunity to see better opportunities and be happy. Expressing feelings is not easy sometimes but when we find somebody that will listen to the way we feel, it opens our hearts. Cathy has a beautiful mission helping people, men or women, and it is a gift from God. -MC